Anti Fingerprint Oil

Self - dry stainless steel - oil - proof oil

Self - dry stainless steel - oil - proof oil

Type:Anti Fingerprint Oil

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Product features

We have excellent adhesion, high gloss, good permeability, blackening resistance, E< 8.
The product of short baking time, simplifies the production process, greatly improves the yield of workpiece.
That the products comply with international safety standards and EU RoSH paint testing standards.
We can show the metal itself luster, no resin coating.
The operation process is simple, easy to adjust the paint.
The metal binding Lijia, and coating with superior performance.
this product in boiling water for 1 hours, more than 300 RCA wear ring.

Application range

Mobile phone and 3C industry, hardware tools, building materials, automobile accessories, stationery, locks, etc...

Paint debug method

The transparent coating debugging: open the lid with a clean plastic pipe, stainless steel pipe or the material mix with 400 mesh filter cloth.

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