Anti Fingerprint Oil

High light mirror stainless steel fingerprint oil

High light mirror stainless steel fingerprint oil

Type:Anti Fingerprint Oil

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Product performance:

Hardness: 3-4H (pencil method)

Adhesion: 0 levels (100% per case of a hundred tests)

Flexibility: 1mm stainless steel plate after painting off 90 degrees without cracking, 0.5mm thick stainless steel plate is folded crack.

Salt: good performance.

Solvent resistance: good performance.

Water resistance: good performance.

This product is for stainless steel and aluminum alloy surfaces for painting, bronze, titanium gold, rose gold and a variety of customer want color, after paint products can see the stainless steel substrate, the strong metal texture , in stainless steel surface after painting and titanium after spraying anti fingerprint paint effect. This product can replace the titanium coating and spray paint anti fingerprint technology, the two time to complete the process, rich colors and bright. The on stainless steel surface adhesion, grid test at level 0, the hardness above 3h, good acid and alkali resistance, salt resistance and outdoor weathering, resistant to boiling water and cook for 1 hour or more coating intact, excellent flexibility, 1 mm thick stainless steel plate after painting in hardness reaches more than 3h, bent 90 degrees not cracking. 0.5 the board folded crack.

color: brass, titanium, rose gold, other colors

suitable for bottom material: stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy

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